Friday, April 17, 2009

Moriarty tweeted at a movie. I think. Or a couple dozen people did, anyway.

It was called TwitFlix, and I'm not entirely sure it was successful or not.

This is because I'm not entirely convinced Drew was really into the thing. Perhaps he was even a bit embarrassed to have had to document on his blog how he was affiliated with some kind of organized event where 50 jackasses were invited to sit and tweet during a movie. It just feels like a flailing grasp at being cool, something a bunch of middle aged marketing people would brainstorm on as being a way to capitalize on all of this Twitter business, somehow.

That, and my eyes tend to glaze over and skip over crap when I see the word "tweet", so it's possible that this was a successful and extremely pivotal event and I missed it.

Moriarty is a Twitter Enabler.

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