Saturday, April 18, 2009


Good lord.

A bunch of anonymous people post ridiculously brief and unverifiable stuff about massacres and plane crashes. Pivotal.

The New York Times ran some kind of visual depiction of what it looks like when a bunch of people tweet over top of each other during the Superbowl. I imagine it looks like a debate on policy at a Dungeons and Dragons convention. Pivotal!

Twitter founder Biz Stone.

Sorry. I had to stop and stare at that name for a few minutes. Who the hell is named "Biz Stone?"

Twitter founder Biz Stone goes on Colbert and declares that there will be business model behind all of this at some point, for "the messaging system that we didn't know we needed until we had it."

To which Colbert replied:"That sounds like the answer to a problem we didn't have until I invented the answer." PIVOTAL!!

Thank you Mr. Colbert. But I swear to god if you start tweeting I'm going to have to declare our love affair over.

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